About Me

First thing you ought to know about me: I am in love with proving people wrong.

I don’t do “the fitness thing” because I want to be “skinny.” (I hate the word skinny almost as much as I hate the word fat.) I don’t do it to be attractive to anyone. I don’t do it to compete with anyone else. I do it because conquering your body, and pushing yourself past your breaking point both mentally and physically is the best way to become a better athlete and better person.

The doctors told me that my physical activity should be limited to “walking up and down my driveway once a day.” Instructors told me that I wouldn’t ever be a good fighter; coaches told me I shouldn’t ever be a good runner. I’ve been bet against and told no, over and over again. Whether it was someone who should know better trying to convince me that I can’t, or my body seeming to attack from within, I’ve always had obstacles. They used to be words and diagnoses. Now they’re walls and barbed wire.

I’ve always been the underdog.

At a certain point, I no longer despised being underestimated. You don’t take successes for granted when you have to bite and claw for every inch of ground. I ran a race once, and started with someone who I then trailed for most of the race. When I finished thirty seconds ahead of her, she asked me, incredulous: “Where did you come from?!”

I simply said, “behind you.”

Coming from behind, chasing the leader, seeing the goal on the horizon—there’s no better perspective to push you. The magic of the underdog.

No matter what your obstacles are, we’ve all got them. There’s no obstacle that renders you incapable of overcoming your goals.

Who’s with me?

Here are some starting links:

My Health Journey

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