Pruning Pt. 2: Cultivating

So I’m extending the gardening metaphor from my last post.

I sat down tonight with a friend who I love to pieces and haven’t seen this whole semester. Truthfully, I probably didn’t have time tonight–I have a paper to write and 150 pages of a book to knock out. But we sat at my kitchen table and caught up on work and love and passion and life.

And I came out of the conversation, and the world was a couple of shades lighter.

I don’t think “pruning” is just about cutting out the parts that are diseased or dying or growing too far away from the center of the plant. It’s also about cultivating the good parts. Water the flowers. Protect the things you love with bug spray and fences. Okay, this metaphor is getting a little tired now, but you get my point.

Cut things out so that you can make time for the things that really matter.

Take the time that you would have wasted at a meeting you hate, and spend it painting. Take the time from the people you dread hanging out with and give it to the people who make you excited, ignite your passion, make you laugh.

To truly not waste your time, make sure you’re taking out the things that detract from your time–but make sure to fill that space with things that matter.Cultivate


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