Quick Update–2015 OCR Supplemental Team!


Sometimes, life is awesome.

Two really cool guys run a company called Form and Fitness– I borrowed one of their workouts on a Wednesday awhile back. Check out their website here.

They’re also constructing an OCR team for 2015. Despite everything that’s been going on lately, I made the supplemental 2015 team!

I’m not physically at my best right now, much to my chagrin, and my workouts have been nowhere near the intensity that they were before this illness. But sometimes obstacles have nothing to do with mud. Greatness is not what you can do when you’re at your best, they’re what you can do in spite of being knocked down. And having some backing by a couple of really cool people in the industry has inspired me to keep trucking, despite what I’m dealing with, and get really excited for the year that’s coming once I can get healthy!

Thanks so much for the opportunity, guys! 🙂

Follow them on Twitter: @Form_FitnessAth and Instagram: @formandfitness


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